Cheat Sheet for XPath and CSS

The previous cheat sheet I made(Selenium WebDriver Cheat Sheet) received great feedback and so I decided to make one for XPath – CSS Paths as well. It includes the commonly used XPaths along with the corresponding CSS paths.

XPath CSS Path Cheat Sheet

Xpath Css Path Cheat Sheet


Here is the same table in HTML form.

DescriptionXpathCSS Path
Direct Child//div/adiv > a
Child or Subchild//div//adiv a
Id//div[@id=’idValue’]//adiv#idValue a
Class//div[@class=’classValue’]//adiv.classValue a
Following Sibling//ul/li[@class=’first’]/following-siblinul>li.first + li
Attribute//form/input[@name=’username’]form input[name=’username’]
Multiple Attributes//input[@name=’continue’ and @typinput[name=’continue’][type=’button’
nth Child//ul[@id=’list’]/li[4]ul#list li:nth-child(4)
First Child//ul[@id=’list’]/li[1]ul#list li:first-child
Last Child//ul[@id=’list’]/li[last()]ul#list li:last-child
Attribute Contains//div[contains(@title,’Title’)]div[title*=”Title”]
Attribute Starts With//input[starts-with(@name,’user’)]input[name^=”user”]
Attribute Ends With//input[ends-with(@name,’name’)]input[name$=”name”]
Element with Attribute//div[@title]div[title]

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6 Responses

  1. Text contains in Xpath:

  2. Raghavendra says:

    You can also add
    1. //label[text()=’ ‘]
    2. //label[text()=’ ‘’]/ preceding::a

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