WebDriver Extensions & Addons to Speed up your Scripting

WebDriver Extension And Addons

Below is a list of WebDriver extensions and addons that will help you speed up your automation. Some of them are for Chrome and some for Firefox. They helps in various tasks like recording/generating scripts, creating page object classes, finding locators and relative XPaths.

Selenium Builder

Selenium Builder is an open source plugin built on top of Selenium IDE. It provides additional functionalities like export various languages as RC or WebDriver, selecting the optimal locator. It can also migrate your existing RC scripts to WebDriver script.

Page Object Generator

This chrome extension helps in creating the page object class for Selenium WebDriver with locators for all available elements and methods to access them. It uses a template to generate the class which can be customized from the settings page of the extension.


FireBug is a commonly used plugin for analyzing the webpage details (html, css, js and other network details). But using FirePath along with Firebug saves you a great lot of time in finding xpath or CSS path. It helps to find, edit, inspect and generate XPath, CSS selectors and JQuery selectors

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CSS Selector for Chrome

CSS Selector for Chrome extension helps  you to pick the CSS selector for an element. But unlike other similar extensions, this lets you choose which type of selector to use or combine multiple selectors to suite your requirement.

Relative XPath Helper

This chrome extension helps in finding the relative xpath between two elements. This will be helpful in case of lists or tables where you want to find an element in relation to some other element.

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