Selenium WebDriver Tutorial Series

Selenium is one of the commonly used open source testing framework for testing Web-based applications. Selenium Webdriver supports most of all browsers across operating systems and many programming languages like C#, Java, Python, Ruby, .Net, Perl, PHP, etc.

In this webdriver tutorial series, we covers the topic in detail starting with basic topics, gradually moving to advanced concepts.

WebDriver Tutorial Series

Tutorial 1 : Basic WebDriver Project Setup

Covers setting up of webdriver project in eclipse and covers a basic flow of performing a google searc, clicking on the result and verifying the final page.

Tutorial 2 : Finding locators and mastering XPath

Various methods on how to find locators, understanding which locators to choose and why to choose them, and mastering Xpaths.

Tutorial 3 : Mastering WebDriver API

Indepth coverage of WebDriver API going deep into navigation, working with web elements and web driver wait.

Tutorial 4 : Window Handling

Tutorial 5 : Alert and Frame Handling

Tutorial 6 : Selenium WebDriver setup with Maven

Setup WebDriver project using project management tool Maven

Tutorial 7 : WebDriver Grid Tutorial – Setting up Script using RemoteWebDriver

Concepts of RemoteWebDriver and other advanced driver initializations for various browsers

Tutorial 8 : File Upload

How to handle file Upload using WebDriver

Tutorial 9 : File Download

File uploading and downloading in webdriver without using external tools

Tutorial 10 : Image comparison in Selenium WebDriver

Why test functionalities alone? Dive into image and screenshot comparisons

Tutorial 11 : WebDriver Actions API

The advanced Actions API which enables you to perform mouse actions like drag and drop, hover etc

Upcoming Tutorials

Tutorial 12 : WebDriver Javascript Executor

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Execute custom JavaScripts using webdriver

Tutorial 13 : Robot API and AutoIT Integration

Integrate external libraries like Robot API and AutoIT in webdriver for various applications


Tutorial 14 : Testng and jUnit integration

Integrate unit testing frameworks Testng and Junit to your webdriver suite

Next Series : WebDriver Framework

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