Problem with Prioritizing

You are studying a wonderful new technology. And half way through you read/hear about another new and exciting field. You are not that ignorant to turn a blind eye on this emerging piece of technology, but how would you start? You are already learning some other thing, and have too little time to be on both the boats. So what do you do? You leave the first and go after the other! Well, you may not do, but I do that. A Lot! The problem is, the same thing happens when you are half way through the new field. And again, you jump ships. In programming, it’s better to be an expert in one field than being a jack-of-all-trades.
This is one of the things I hate about me a lot. I fail to prioritize stuff, I give more priority to the freshness of the thing. Following the crowd or urge to be among the first, I know! But can’t help it.
Right now, the struggle is between Python and Android. The problem is, I don’t like Java. That’s the main reason I started studying Python. But then came Android. So started to go through the Android Documentations and all leaving Python. But then again I thought – Android application? Its challenging, Yes! But i never felt any strong urge to develop any apps. So went back to Python. But before long, my bro came up with an app he developed. Seeing that, the sleeping Android admirer in me woke up again. Downloaded scores of Android tutorial videos from Youtube and started watching. From what my brother told, I’ve got more chance of getting my products out by Android than by Python. True.
I hate when my preferences change. Change is good, but the frequency is too short for my liking. Lets see how far the android craze goes 🙂

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By the way, I have added two sub domains to and moved the blog to[Update – changed it back again]. I have created for my programming projects[Don’t have it currently], but haven’t created a page for that. I need to spend a few days on designing the two pages – and

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