5 Factors that Build your Confidence in WebDriver

Build Your Confidence In WebDriver

There is a big difference between knowing the technology and actually feeling confident in it. Confidence in WebDriver comes from having the basics thorough and repeated practices which make scripting feel effortless and intuitive. You know you are confident when you don’t get frustrated when faced with an issue, you don’t fear away from helping you colleagues with their issues. Confidence makes you take all issues as a challenge or opportunity with the strong knowledge that you will be able to resolve it.

Here we discuss a few factors which help in building your confidence in webdriver.

Build your Confidence in WebDriver

Have a strong understanding of WebDriver, HTML and XPath

When you are tackling an issue while automating, you don’t want to spend too much time thinking of what has caused the error, instead you want all the possible causes clearly visualized in your mind.

If the script is not identifying an element, for example, you should immediately analyze all possible reasons in your mind. Is it in a frame or window which I haven’t switched to? Is the xpath(or another locator) provided correctly? Is it a delay that is causing the issue? By removing each possibility, you can easily find the reason and resolve the issue.

Knowledge of HTML and finding XPaths also helps in improving your confidence. I had a strong understanding of HTML and Javascript before coming into automation testing and this had helped me a lot in automating flows faster. HTML knowledge also helps in finding XPaths faster. Initially, I had relied on tools like Firepath in finding Xpaths faster, but later on, I found it to be more fun in finding without external tools especially in applications with messy HTML structure. Doing it yourself helps a lot in building your confidence in webdriver.

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Practice creating scripts with and without using frameworks

These days almost everyone is working on one or the other frameworks and this can lead to you losing your understanding of the web driver library. Once in a while, especially when you are creating a script for your personal use etc, try using the core library alone.

Using the core library may bring to you lots of issues and tackling them can do wonders to your confidence. This conditions your mind into not fearing away from new problems or challenges, instead makes you face it and resolve it with confidence.

Having said that, you should try working on various frameworks as well. Analyzing different frameworks and finding each of its advantages and shortcomings can help you improve them or create better ones.

Improve your debugging skills

You should know how to read stack traces better, knowing where the error had occurred and what might have caused the error etc. Most often in WebDriver, the place where the error had occurred may not be the place you may have to fix. It might be some place before that – may be an incorrectly switched frame or window, or an alert we missed to handle etc. Also, get familiarized with the web driver exceptions and what causes them.

Keep yourself up to date

This goes without saying, but everyone in this field should be looking out for latest news and updates on the tools you are working on. Familiarizing yourself with updates might help you in finding a better approach or a new tool to help you automate better. Share with you friends within and outside your organization on ways you have improved your automation methods and hear and learn from them as well.

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Help others with their WebDriver issues

From time to time, we all face issues which are difficult to tackle and would require us to request help from a colleague. Tackling someone else’s problem is in a way better than resolving our own problems. When we are confronting the issue, we may not be fully aware of all the aspects and therefore would have to think in different ways and ask questions to understand the problem. This would help us practice thinking out of the box and would ultimately help us in resolving worse problems in future.

By helping others, we are doing a favor to ourselves more than them as it boosts our confidence levels. So take time in helping others in need of you expertise.

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