Best Free Tools for Testing REST API

REST (REpresentational State Transfer) is an architectural approach primarily used to build Web services that are lightweight, maintainable, and scalable. Recently the use of REST is preferred over the SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) and the need for finding better ways of testing the API has become prominent. We will discuss the most popular free tools and utilities for testing Rest API.

Automated REST Testing Tools

These REST API testing tools allows scripting which makes creation and execution of test suites easy.

Postman Chrome App

- Tool for Testing REST API

Postman is a powerful utility for testing Rest API (more generally web services). In addition to all the features provided by other extension/addons like history management, better result viewer and authentication engines, it has a robust test framework where tests (JavaScript code snippets that can be used to validate the response) can be created and executed easily.


SoapUI - Tool for Testing REST API

SoapUI is one of the best applications for testing web services and has REST testing abilities as well. Checkout this post to know more about testing Rest API with SoapUI.

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Manual REST Testing Tools

If you are testing Rest API using manual means, the below list of tools/extensions would be sufficient.

DHC REST Client Chrome Extension

DHC Rest Client - Tool for Testing REST API

DHC Rest Client allows create and execution of test with conditional logic and parameterization. The transaction history is maintained and can be organized into projects. It allows us to analyze and validate responses and compare them to history.

Advanced REST Client Chrome Extension

Advanced Rest Client - Tool for Testing REST API

Advanced REST client is one of the lightest and easy to use and not to mention popular extension for executing REST requests. It maintains a history of the executed requests and allows you to save them into Projects.

HttpRequester Firefox Addon

HttpRequester - Tool for Testing REST API

This is based on the old Poster addon, with a focus on maintaining the history of transactions, allowing you to go back and review, re-execute, and save/load HTTP requests.

Custom Framework

We can always create our own custom framework for testing Rest API in Java or any other language of your choice. We will be doing an article on creating a Rest Testing framework in the coming days. Here is the how to Create a Simple Rest Testing Framework.

Here are some of the other tools which didn’t make the list:

  • JMeter
  • Poster Firefox Addon
  • vRest Chrome Extension
  • HttpMaster (a paid tool)

If you find any tools which should have been in this list, kindly let us know about them in the comments.

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7 Responses

  1. Kevin Abel says:

    This was useful. I heard of soap UI many times but did not know that it was a testing tool until Inrwad this.

  2. Raghav says:

    Great Writeup. Thanks

  3. pcoulson says:

    RESTED – a FireFox add-on should be on this list

  4. shilpa says:

    Uptime Cloud Monitor supports monitoring REST APIs on a completely SAAS based model.
    The setup is quick and easy. You can configure the REST API URL, the REST method (GET/ POST/ PUT/ DELETE), request parameters (if any), credentials required (if any), the monitoring frequency, the geographic location of the monitoring stations (from a choice of 15 stations across the globe). You can match the REST API response body against a specific string to ensure that the response is as expected.

    You can also configure alerts (notified via SMS, Email, PagerDuty etc) to be triggered based on API downtime, performance degradation or API response verification failure.

    More details on REST API Monitoring:

    More details on Uptime Cloud Monitor Pricing options:

    You can sign up for a 14 day free trial of Uptime Cloud Monitor here:

    Disclaimer: I work at Uptime Cloud Monitor.

  5. Alaric says:

    You might add HttpMaster ( which has a pretty rich set of features for REST API testing and is very easy to use.

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